My 3 Life Lessons from the Past 33 Years

1. On my very best days, I am in need of Grace.

My “theme-statement” the past few years has been “By Grace Alone”.  When my 7 year old asked me what that meant, I explained that every good thing in my life is simply by the Grace of Jesus.  I am so far from a perfect wife, perfect mom, perfect friend, perfect daughter, perfect ministry-partner to my husband.  But because of Grace, I am saved and have an abundant life.

2.  I am never content outside of having identity in Christ.

As a woman, so privileged to live in America, I constantly can be discontent with not having the newest, the most trendy, the talents, the VOICE, you name it.  I have come to realize that as soon as I’m blessed with that THING that I thought would make life complete, I still don’t have that other THING.  But, when my focus is on Christ; what He has done for me, and ALL that He has blessed me with, then I am content.  Then I have peace.  Then I have joy that no possession or talent can provide.

3.  Everyone is facing their own battle.

The journey that I’ve walked through with a voice disorder has certainly opened my eyes to the fact that no matter how put-together people may appear, we all face battles.  Kindness and patience go so much farther than we can imagine.  When I encounter a difficult person, or a person that may be intimidating because they are so PERFECT, I try to approach them through the lens of grace.  We all need kindness, we all need Grace.

I look forward to continuing to grow in His Grace this upcoming year <3

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