My 3 Life Lessons from the Past 33 Years

1. On my very best days, I am in need of Grace.

My “theme-statement” the past few years has been “By Grace Alone”.  When my 7 year old asked me what that meant, I explained that every good thing in my life is simply by the Grace of Jesus.  I am so far from a perfect wife, perfect mom, perfect friend, perfect daughter, perfect ministry-partner to my husband.  But because of Grace, I am saved and have an abundant life.

2.  I am never content outside of having identity in Christ.

As a woman, so privileged to live in America, I constantly can be discontent with not having the newest, the most trendy, the talents, the VOICE, you name it.  I have come to realize that as soon as I’m blessed with that THING that I thought would make life complete, I still don’t have that other THING.  But, when my focus is on Christ; what He has done for me, and ALL that He has blessed me with, then I am content.  Then I have peace.  Then I have joy that no possession or talent can provide.

3.  Everyone is facing their own battle.

The journey that I’ve walked through with a voice disorder has certainly opened my eyes to the fact that no matter how put-together people may appear, we all face battles.  Kindness and patience go so much farther than we can imagine.  When I encounter a difficult person, or a person that may be intimidating because they are so PERFECT, I try to approach them through the lens of grace.  We all need kindness, we all need Grace.

I look forward to continuing to grow in His Grace this upcoming year <3

Amber has been married to her best friend, Tyler, for 14 years. Together they have three beautiful (not so little anymore) biological babies and one foster babe. Their life mission is to make Jesus famous. Amber is crazy about her family, coffee, running, and the Seattle Seahawks. Her passion is to live simply and healthy, and make everything around her more beautiful and more productive.
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